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View of Fire from Pasadena

View of Fire from Pasadena
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Tony in Uniform
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sorry to my followers.....

So here is the Pear Tart along with Chocolate Chip Cookies and Linzer Cookies

This is a close up of my Pear Tart

This is my fresh fruit tart - I am pretty proud of this one!

This is the whole kitten caboodle from Friday night - the frown changing day if you will!
You can see the tart along with my Palmiers Cookies (aka Elephant Ears) and some danishes that I made filled with fruit filling and in the top right hand corner you will see my Brie en Croute - but those that have had my brie know that mine is usually better than the one on this table. But do notice the "R" on the sheet! Thanks to David, I may be placing those "R" cut outs on my brie when I open Bistro R! Keep your eyes open for those!


Hello all! I am sorry I have not written in a few days. Some baking frustration and some school frustration just kind of killed my desire to write on my blog. Things have changed and worked out for the best so I am BACK!!!!

Those of you that know me well know that I am not one to share when things are not going that great. I had some personal frustrations that seemed to put me in a place that was not so positive and I didn't want to turn this into a "bitch" board... so, I waited until I turned my frown upside down and put on a happy face! I hate to say it but I think my fruit tart helped make things fun again!

On Friday of last week I learned to make a fresh fruit tart. I was amazed at how it turned out. Sometimes I feel that my creativity is lacking and then out of no where.... BAM! I come up with something pretty! We made the shell and then sealed it with chocolate (yum) and then filled it with a custard and layered beautiful fresh fruit on top. Once the layout was done we glazed it with a peach sauce made for shine and beauty. My first thought was to shilaack the thing and keep it for a display piece on my table but then I thought better of it and shared it with family. Side note - my Aunt called and told me I must have stopped at Gelsons to purchase this thing because it tasted so good and it was so beautiful. I love her for that!

Tonight, I took a test to start off the class and I really feel like I earned 100% on this one. That should make up for the last one so I will let you know my grade tomorrow. After our test, we made a Pear Frangipane Tart, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Linzer Window Cookies and Linzer Jewel Cookies. These were ALL fun and fairly easy. I am looking forward to the holidays so that I can gift FOOD this year! LOL

Anyways, check out the pics and I am sorry I took a leave but know I am back and looking forward to sharing some more!

Cheers and Bon Appetit!

PS... I saw Julie and Julia again this weekend with Drew B Doo and I just love that film!


  1. You should read Julia's book My Life in France, it is amazing you feel like you are there!

    Love you Tony, your doing fabulously which means YOU ROCK!!!!
    no YOU BAKE!!

  2. Everything looks delicious!
    yummmmm *drooling*

  3. Hey! that wasn't Aunt Patti that you shared with :)
    Bring some of this good stuff to SCV so we can taste. doing good, Tony. looking forward to Christmas myself (and some fresh bread ala Tony).

  4. that had 2 be the best fruit tart i have ever had... thankz for sharin it with me... and mentionin me on ur blog... i feels soo special !!!
    LOVE YOU TONS !!!! <3



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