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View of Fire from Pasadena

View of Fire from Pasadena
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Tony in Uniform
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am back! Week one down and no cuts!

Hello all. I have been away a couple days. Sorry I have not been on here updating. We had our first test yesterday. It was probably one of the hardest tests I have taken in several years. I studied like crazy for it and I think I did alright! The test was a three part test. We started out with a written test that contained terms and multiple choice questions along with some fill in the blanks. That was not the hard part though. Next was to write 5 recipes that we did this week by memory. They were ten points a piece. I have never memorized a recipe before and that is hard unless you make it a few times. Anyways, I think I may have done okay on the recipes....not great but okay.

Then when the written portion was done we moved on to knife cuts. Those are hard because they are cuts that one does not normally do. I was shocked at how tired my hands got. I think it was because of the pressure of being timed. When I was practicing during the week my hands didn't tire out because I was more relaxed I think. Anyways, I got all the cuts done but I did notice a couple were off in size so I know where I need to practice more. The best thing to do is practice! Practice! Practice! Right?.?.?

The final portion of the test consisted of a practical exam. Chef posted three dishes on the board and we had to scurry around and gather all the ingredients and put the dishes together without using a recipe card. From memory! There was a two hour time limit and there was to be silence. Anyone who has met my classmates would know that is probably the hardest test of all for us! We are a bit chatty! Anyways, Chef posted mashed potatoes, rice pilaf and ratatouille. I whipped it all together as best I could and quite frankly I was shocked that I remembered how to do them. As I may have shared previously the only ingredient I really like in ratatouille is the garlic... I don't see myself making that much in the future! As we presented our dishes Chef would taste them and take notes but he did not share with us or give us critiques. The only comment he made to me was that my ratatouille was the worst of all three of my dishes and that would be in the "B" range. I was surprised because I was not that thrilled with the way my dish came out. The eggplant was undercooked.

I am happy with the overall results of my testing yesterday and I feel like I will start next week with a new approach and a more positive mindset. We are going to learn so much. I really like the Chef too. He is very smart and is a very talented Chef.

Today we are having a knife cut party! I know that sounds like a rager!!! It should be fun. I have converted my dining room table into a knife cut station armed with tons of weaponry... LOL... Okay really just a bunch of sharp knives, a waste bowl, cutting boards and of course POTATOES! Woo Whoo!!! Can't wait for this Saturday night bash! I may just have to cook for my study guests as well.

Well all! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and if you are near a stove, whip up something new and challenging. You might just happen to love it!

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Tony, one thing I have to say is WOW! It does sound like a lot of work and all under great pressure as well. You did very well for your first week, I for one am very proud of you. Do not under estimate your self you are so bright and you always did enjoy cooking! It is obvious that you enjoy learning and what makes it even better is that you have such an accomplished Chef as your teacher and you respect him. No pun on the word hungry but you are hungry to learn and with a great Chef as your teacher you will do just fabulously.
    *Remember: Every morning when you see your self in the mirror and every night before bed say 10 positive things about yourself out loud. Then, throughout the day every time you see your reflection think something good about yourself. You are what you think, and I know your amazing!

    I Love you Chef Tony!

    Love, Carolina



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