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View of Fire from Pasadena

View of Fire from Pasadena
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Tony in Uniform
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sauce Week!

So tonight was the beginning of Sauce Week... Could be mistaken for Hell Week but I guess I will change that to "Hella Bland Sauces" being whooped up during Hell Week #2 in the kitchen. With all honesty, this class is kicking my behind. I have so much appreciation for Chefs and what they do now. It is a lot of work to make everything come out perfectly and consistently. I am truly impressed by the work that trained and skilled Chefs do.

We made three sauces tonight and I must tell you, they were all bland. No seasoning at this stage so you hardly want to taste them to see if you made them correctly. Now understand that two of the most important standards for a sauce is the texture and the consistency of the sauce.

Tonight we made:
Sauce Bechamel = Sauce Mornay
Sauce Espagnole
Sauce Veloute = Sauce Supreme
Clarified Butter

The best of all three in my opinion was the Sauce Espagnole because it had some flavor to it. The other two were fairly bland white sauces... well, one was more of a blond than the other!

It was a nice night in the kitchen. We need to step up our A game in getting the dishes done. I think that is the biggest problem we have. TOO MANY DISHES AND NO DISH WASHER!!!

The rest of the week is more potato dishes and more sauces so stay tuned for a "Saucy Update"!!! LOL

Bon Appetit! Cheers!

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