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View of Fire from Pasadena

View of Fire from Pasadena
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Tony in Uniform
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sauces Again! This time better!

Good evening all! Let me first start by saying that I had a discussion with a classmate today while we were making risotto parmesan about the new movie that is out, "Time Traveler's Wife", and I have come to the conclusion that Rachel McAdams is quite possibly one of the most beautiful women on our planet! So, now that I have that out there.... on to the cooking!

Today went okay. We had a huge demo list tonight. Chef was showing us how to do the dishes that we are going to cook tomorrow because we are being hosted for dinner at the school's Bistro restaurant tomorrow night. Rumor has it we are having Osso Bucco. I hope that is true because I love that dish. The problem with our "free" dinner is that it cuts into our class time and our prep time. We have a lot to cook tomorrow night and we have had our class time cut down for dinner.

Tonight we did risotto parmesan again along with Bechamel Sauce and Veloute Sauce again. It was good to do these again because my grade went up for all three items. However, the only major drama tonight was when we made clarified butter. My partner and I threw our butter in the pot and threw it on the flame and we both got busy and the butter bubbled up and over the pan and went EVERYWHERE! What a flippin mess. I was over it all at that point! Once I composed myself again I started over and got it perfect! Woo Whoo!

The class is fairly interesting. It is hard to not throw my management urges into the whole thing. I can't stand when people stand around and dishes need to be done. People got to see the "Get your ass to work" side of Tony tonight and I am not sure many of them really enjoyed that part of me but what the hey.... everyone has to jump in and get the job done! I just won't stay quiet about it. God I wish I had a dishwashing staff at this school....

So until tomorrow all.... Bon Appetit and Cheers!!

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  1. I love the photo's but my favorite is "COOK" and I do agree on Rachel McAdams. Tony don't forget: With failure comes Success! I believe this, think about it. I understand about the work load and the amount of time you have to get it done. When Brit was in junior high people would be chatting around her and she hated it. So I told her to make a sign that said "don't talk to me I don't want to get behind or in trouble" it worked like a charm. So Tony make a sign "Nice but to the point" that way no one thinks your a jerk and you don't hurt anyones feelings.

    Love you!



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